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One of the best pent roof style log cabins on offer is the Belton log cabin – a very smart looking and feeling 28/44mm log cabin. Features on the Belton log cabin include the joiner made windows, which are draft sealed as standard, as well as the draft sealed and lockable double fully glazed doors. The Belton is a hugely adaptable building and is easy to customise, you may wish to use it as an outdoor bedroom, office, home gym, the list is endless.

Lock & Key
Lock & Key
Eaves Height - 1.68m
Eaves Height – Standard
Cladding 1.2
Log Size – 28/44mm

Options Available
Double Glazing £199, Toughened Glass £199

12ft x 8ft
(44mm) £2837     Erection  £645
14ft x 8ft
(44mm) £3078     Erection  £695
12ft x 10ft
(44mm) £3153     Erection  £745
14ft x10ft
(44mm) £3640     Erection  £795
14ft x 12ft
(44mm) £3706     Erection  £895