Based on the Warwick Apex with additional feature of 1.8m eaves height. Heavier upright framework and opening window. Window and door options are available..

8ft x 6ft £669
10ft x 6ft £775
12ft x 6ft £879
14ft x 6ft £999
8ft x 8ft £820
10ft x 8ft £895
12ft x 8ft £1,085
14ft x 8ft £1,275
16ft x 8ft £1,459
18ft x 8ft £1,599
20ft x 8ft £1,799
8ft x 10ft £995
10ft x 10ft £1,240
12ft x 10ft £1,370
14ft x 10ft £1,599
16ft x 10ft £1,845
18ft x 10ft £2,095
20ft x 10ft £2,295


Cladding 1.2
Cladding 15mm
Framing 2x2
Framing 45 x 45mm
Lock & Key
Lock & Key
Eaves Height - 1.68m
Eaves Height 1.8m