This cabin in 28/44mm logs creates a beautiful outdoor room. The cabin comes with Euro Style doors and windows as standard but a number of options are available. The building is supplied with 2 opening windows. Roof boards are 19mm planed tongue and grooved boards supported on 45mm x 120mm purlings. Doors and windows are joiner made and supplied fully glazed. Factory fitted pressure treated weatherproof heavy duty floor joists. Key-lockable opening windows and all doors and windows are professionally draft sealed. Heavy duty green mineral roofing felt as standard. Easy fit moular floor for fast and simple assembly

Options Available
Double Glazing £125, Toughened Glass £125


12ft x 8ft
(28mm) £2728     Erection  £495
(44mm) £3601     Erection  £495
14ft x 8ft
(28mm) £2956     Erection  £495
(44mm) £3902     Erection  £495
12ft x 10ft
(28mm) £3044     Erection  £495
(44mm) £4018     Erection  £495
14ft x 10ft
(28mm) £3309     Erection  £595
(44mm) £4368     Erection  £495
12ft x 12ft
(28mm) £3421     Erection £495
(44mm) £4516     Erection  £495
14ft x 12ft
(28mm) £3713     Erection  £595
(44mm) £4902     Erection  £495
14ft x 14ft
(28mm) £4024     Erection  £595
(44mm) £5311     Erection  £495


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