This 44mm interlocking log cabin is one of the most bright and sunlit cabin in the range. It comes with four full pane opening windows of toughened glass, ensuring maximum security.This Superior Grade 44mm Interlocking Logs building is supplied with 2 full length opening windows and double doors. Roof boards are 19mm planed tongue and grooved boards supported on 45mm x 120mm purlings. Doors and windows are joiner made and supplied fully glazed in either Euro or Georgian style. Factory fitted pressure treated weatherproof heavy duty floor joists supporting 19mm planed tongue and grooved floor boards. Key-lockable doors and opening windows are professionally draft sealed. Heavy duty green mineral roofing felt as standard with option to upgrade to heavy duty roof shingles in different colours. Easy fit moular floor for fast and simple assembly.

Options Available
Double Glazing  £299,  Toughened Glass  Included

14ft x 10ft (44mm) £6648     Erection  £625
14ft x 12ft (44mm) £7229     Erection  £625
16ft x 10ft (44mm) £7241     Erection  £645
16ft x 12ft (44mm) £7987     Erection  £675
16ft x 14ft (44mm) £8590     Erection  £695
18ft x 10ft (44mm) £7751     Erection  £695
18ft x 12ft (44mm) £8549     Erection  £695
18ft x 14ft (44mm) £9185     Erection  £725
18ft x 16ft (44mm) £10,161     Erection  £775
20ft x 10ft (44mm) £8165     Erection  £725
20ft x 12ft (44mm) £9028     Erection  £745
20ft x 14ft (44mm) £9683     Erection  £775
20ft x 16ft (44mm) £10,620     Erection  £795



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