The building is supplied with 1 opening window. Roof boards are 19mm planed tongue and grooved boards supported on 45mm x 120mm purlings. Heavy Duty fully boarded double doors and windows are joiner made and supplied fully glazed. Factory fitted pressure treated weatherproof heavy duty floor joists. Key-lockable opening windows and all doors and windows are professionally draft sealed. Heavy duty green mineral roofing felt as standard. Easy fit moular floor for fast and simple assembly.
10ft x 8ft
(28mm) £3100     Erection  £595
(44mm) £4045     Erection  £545
12ft x 8ft
(28mm) £2684     Erection  £595
(44mm) £3543     Erection  £545
14ft x 8ft
(28mm) £3197     Erection  £545
(44mm) £4220     Erection  £545
10ft x 10ft
(28mm) £2756     Erection  £545
(44mm) £3639     Erection  £545
12ft x 10ft
(28mm) £3013     Erection  £545
(44mm) £3977     Erection  £545
14ft x 10ft
(28mm) £3466     Erection  £545
(44mm) £4575     Erection  £545
12ft x 12ft
(28mm) £3386     Erection  £595
(44mm) £4469     Erection  £545
14ft x 12ft
(28mm) £3880     Erection  £545
(44mm) £5121     Erection  £545
14ft x 14ft
(28mm) £4165     Erection  £545
(44mm) £5499     Erection  £545



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