A heavy duty building featuring 15mm tongue & groove, 60 x 50mm sawn framework, 300mm extra height and a taller door.  The Major is supplied as standard with a single ledged and braced door 790 x 1850mm with a rim lock and handle, hung on two heavy duty galvanised hinges.  The extra height allows a side door to be ordered.  Options include an extra door, 900mm wide single door, 1500mm wide double door, stable style door, extra windows and opening windows.  Internal eaves height is 1.98m.

8ft x 6ft £740
10ft x 6ft £899
10ft x 8ft £999
12ft x 8ft £1,175
14ft x 8ft £1,350
16ft x 8ft £1,495
18ft x 8ft £1,695
20ft x 8ft £1,789
8ft x 10ft £1,090
10ft x 10ft £1,290
12ft x 10ft £1,499
14ft x 10ft £1,785
16ft x 10ft £1,879
18ft x 10ft £2,080
20ft x 10ft £2,295
8ft x 12ft £1,440
10ft x 12ft £1.545
12ft x 12ft £1,665
14ft x 12ft £1,855
16ft x 12ft £2,145
18ft x 12ft £2,355
20ft x 12ft £2,565
Cladding 1.2
Cladding 15mm
Framing 2x2
Framing 60 x 50mm
Lock & Key
Rim Lock
Eaves Height - 1.68m
Eaves Height 1.98m