A pent roof shed featuring 15mm tongue & groove shiplap on a 45mm x 34mm  framework.  Available in a wider range of sizes and a choice of door positions.  The Kent is supplied as standard with a single fully framed and braced door 790 x 1750mm with lock and key,  hung on three galvanised tee hinges.  Options include an opening window, 900mm wide single door or a 1500mm wide double door.  Internal  height is 1.8m to the low side and 1.98m to the high side.

Options for all Models
Opening Window each £29, Extra Single Door £39.
4ft Double Door £69, 5ft Double Door £79, 6ft Double Door £89 in lieu of single door.
Safety Glass per pane £15.

8ft x 6ft £639     Erection  £139     Bearers  £38
10ft x 6ft £745     Erection  £159     Bearers  £48
12ft x 6ft £879     Erection  £179     Bearers  £59
14ft x 6ft £999     Erection  £199     Bearers  £69
8ft x 8ft £760     Erection  £159     Bearers  £49
10ft x 8ft £875     Erection  £189     Bearers  £59
12ft x 8ft £1,025     Erection  £199     Bearers  £69
14ft x 8ft £1,195     Erection  £229     Bearers  £84
16ft x 8ft £1,359     Erection  £269     Bearers  £88
Cladding 1.2
Cladding 15mm
Framing 2x2
Framing 45x34mm
Lock & Key
Lock & Key
Eaves Height - 1.68m
Height       1.98 – 1.8m