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Dalton Log Cabin by Island Sheds

This imposing 44mm thick Dalton Log Cabin is the most prominent and popular log cabin within our entire range. The striking design shows the wide front elevation with an elegant 600mm roof overhang above the joiner made European style doors and windows. The multitude of glazing in this building allows for light to enter the spacious interior, there is even a shelf above the double doors to allow for extra storage.
The 19mm thick floor with heavy duty tanalised pressure treated pre-attached floor joists is modular and so assembly is even easier. The 19mm thick roof will protect the building from the elements without even a need for added insulation. All doors and windows are silicone beaded internally and externally as well as being fully draft sealed providing further reasons why this is ideal to be your new office, garden bedroom, or outdoor space. So take advantage of this fantastic cabin on offer now and become the envy of all of your neighbours.

Framing 2x2
Framing 44mm Logs
Lock & Key
Lock & Key
Eaves Height - 1.68m
Eaves Height – 1.9m

Options available
Double Glazing £299, Toughened Glass £249

14ft x 10ft (44mm) £4855     Erection  £645
14ft x 12ft (44mm) £5238     Erection  £645
16ft x 10ft (44mm) £5383     Erection  £645
16ft x 12ft (44mm) £5858     Erection  £675
16ft x 14ft (44mm) £6419     Erection  £695
18ft x 10ft (44mm) £5905     Erection  £695
18ft x 12ft (44mm) £6419     Erection  £745
18ft x 14ft (44mm) £7105     Erection  £775
18ft x 16ft (44mm) £7601     Erection  £795
20ft x 10ft (44mm) £6214     Erection  £745
20ft x 12ft (44mm) £6848     Erection  £775
20ft x 14ft (44mm) £7112     Erection  £795
20ft x 16ft (44mm) £8009     Erection  £795