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Dalton Log Cabin by Island Sheds

Made from 28mm or 44mm logs and with Georgian Style fully glazed double doors and windows. The Balmoral log cabin is an excellent choice to add that extra room to your property – this is a very versatile and spacious cabin and is a popular choice as an outdoor gym, work area or a deluxe summer house.  The cabin comes with an elegantly styled set of fully glazed double doors and full length windows on either side of the doors. The windows and doors are fitted with professional draft seals and the door is finished with an attractive brass handle with an integrated high security 3-lever lock for increased security. Roof boards are 19mm planed tongue and grooved boards supported on 45mm x 120mm purlings. Doors and windows are joiner made and supplied fully glazed in standard glass. Factory fitted pressure treated weatherproof heavy duty floor joists supporting 19mm planed tongue and grooved floor boards. Heavy duty green mineral roofing felt as standard with option to upgrade to heavy duty roof shingles in different colours. Easy fit moular floor for fast and simple assembly.

Lock & Key
Lock & Key
Eaves Height - 1.68m
Eaves Height – Standard
Cladding 1.2
Log Size – 28/44mm

Options Available
Double Glazing £220, Toughened Glass £195

8ft x 12ft
(28mm) £2282     Erection  £545
(44mm) £2594     Erection  £545
10ft x 12ft
(28mm) £2476     Erection  £545
(44mm) £2814     Erection  £545
12ft x 12ft
(28mm) £2639     Erection  £545
(44mm) £2999     Erection  £545
10ft x 14ft
(28mm) £2639     Erection  £545
(44mm) £2999     Erection  £545
12ft x 14ft
(28mm) £2854     Erection  £545
(44mm) £3244     Erection  £545
14ft x14ft
(28mm) £2998     Erection  £595
(44mm) £3464     Erection  £595
10ft x 16ft
(28mm) £3012     Erection  £695
(44mm) £3424     Erection  £695
12ft x 16ft
(28mm) £3229     Erection  £695
(44mm) £3589     Erection  £695
14ft x 16ft
(28mm) £3395     Erection  £695
(44mm) £3809     Erection  £695
16ft x 16ft
(28mm) £3694     Erection  £695
(44mm) £4119     Erection  £695